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Beat Fire Mod Apk - EDM Music & Gun Sounds (MOD, Unlimited Coins) is an unusual look for a popular genre of music arcades, unlike many analogs, that work with falling tiles do not happen with timely tapes, but using guns. So, to start the Beat Fire, you will see on the screen a series of music tracks
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Download Beat Fire Mod Apk [Unlimited Money]

beat fire Mod Apk

Beat Fire Mod Apk – EDM Music & Gun Sounds (MOD, Unlimited Coins) is an unusual look for a popular genre of music arcades, unlike many analogs, that work with falling tiles do not happen with timely tapes, but using guns. So, to start the Beat Fire Mod Apk, you will see on the screen a series of music tracks falling from top to bottom, you will also need a goal to shoot the elements, thus producing music songs. With it, you will have a wide selection of different songs as well as an impressive collection of weapons. But the clear work is maintained in the old style, which includes colorful graphics and healthy animation.

Android gamers will have their chance to enjoy the effects of rhythmic music with powerful EDM songs and captivating gun animations. Enjoy the immersive music experience, where you can listen to your favorite songs and unleash gunshots that will allow you to follow the rhythm.

Beat Fire Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins) For Android

Just straighten out the falling notes, and make your shots hit the notes while enjoying the powerful sound effects along with the rhythms that drop the music tracks. Use precise and precise touch controls to communicate freely with the in-game interface. Try not to miss any tiles as you progress through the game and unlock the best scores. 

Have fun exploring the great music library in Beat Fire’s latest version with many different songs not only from EDM but also many other genres to learn. Enjoy the addictive and endless challenges within the game, which include different levels of difficulty to suit your needs. Feel free to customize your in-game game with skins and weapons.

For those of you who like, you can now use the fun stuff to customize in Beat Fire Mod Apk Unlocked to make your game more fun. Feel free to change the background colors at any of your levels to change the in-game feel in all the games. Enjoy playing with different skin settings, as you freely change level themes to enable different visual features. And most importantly, you can now work with different weapons with exciting looks and unique guns. Feel free to personalize the in-game experience and enjoy the amazing mobile theme to the fullest.

Challenges in this game are features with different shapes that fall from the top, and you will have a shotgun. At the same time, your task in the game is straightforward: you will control the gun center to move left and right. Every time an object reaches the target of a gun, it will be shot, and you will do this with every object that appears. You will shoot to the end of the level without skipping any features.

Description Beat Fire – EDM Music [MOD, Free Shopping]

Beat Fire Mod Apk is a colorful arcade game with a colorful style, meditation game, and immodest rules focused on shooting geometric shapes from the screen. Engineers from Adaric Music suggest that they do it quickly, but accurately: a small error will lead to the loss of accumulated points, a reset of the latest progress, and the Game Over splash screen. If you do not make mistakes, then in 10-15 minutes you will have the opportunity to appear on the leader board, collect a few master’s degrees and become a grandmother who sets the tone of the passage, and who does not agree with nature. 

The second feature is to specify the types of items you need to scan for each level. Obviously, you will get a square the same size as the gun area you control, but sometimes other small features will appear that require you to shoot them accurately. At the same time, there will undoubtedly be important tails with tails when the player, when hitting a leading object, is forced to hold it until the tail disappears. 

The third element usually appears in every song you find and open later. Each song has a progress bar at the top of the screen, and when the bar is full, the level will end immediately. At the same time, you can also find different levels of difficulty in the song and, in general, three levels of difficulty from light to strong. Therefore, in line with the single difficulty, the length of the music and the elements of the shooting will be more noticeable and require skill in the player.


  • Prices of songs to satisfy different tastes! Enjoy DJ and Hop music, and relax in the epic music!
  • Background color change brings you a new feeling in every game!
  • Single control, easy to play.
  • 10+ Cool Skins & Weapons to choose from.️
  • In this game, you have different types of guns and tiles.
  • You need to earn money to unlock them all.
  • All the guns and tiles perform different songs, which makes this game interesting.
  • That is why so many people are attracted to it.
  • This game has different weapons that you need to unlock to have the most fun.
  • But once you install the Beat Fire Mod Apk.
  • You don’t have to work hard to earn money.
  • This mod will give you unlimited diamonds
  • Which you can use to unlock all songs and unlock all weapons for free.


When you experience Beat Fire For Android, you will enter a world of rhythms where you will be able to discover the hottest songs and challenges you must overcome. The environment in the game is straightforward with gentle bright colors and suits the preferences of many different objects. At the same time, each level gives you new information when the elements fall from the top and require you to shoot them down.

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