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A thrilling ride through jungle, caves and treetops.
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FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG
Oct 5, 2022
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Download Banana Kong Mod Apk

Banana Kong Mod Apk is an entertaining Android action game. It was released in the first months of 2013. There have been numerous distinct versions thus far. All players, however, agree that the most recent edition is the most intriguing. FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co. produced and provided the game. K.G. The player will guide a gorilla through a gorgeous forest while overcoming numerous obstacles. Following that, you can win a variety of great prizes. Join us in learning more about the game by reading the information below!

Download Banana Kong (MOD, Bananas/Hearts)

Banana Kong Mod Apk

When Banana Kong was having difficulties with the banana peels he threw out, he told a funny anecdote. Unfortunately, they were too much for the monkey, and he now has to flee to avoid them. During the race, the monkey will confront numerous threats from jungle creatures as well as other obstacles. Players can enjoy many unending races in the game, which have topped the mobile rating.

Banana Kong is the most hilarious endless-running game you’ve ever played. Contestants will transform into monkeys and embark on an amazing journey as part of the game. To escape danger, it would be excellent if you could figure out how to manipulate the character using a variety of special moves. You may easily do it by swiping and touching the instructions.

Furthermore, gamers will begin their race to obtain bananas, the game’s money. On your journey, you will only collide with objects once. You will fall if you touch a second time, and the game will be over. If you like, you can use the yellow hearts to resume the race or run again. Other animals, such as a bird, a wild boar, or a sea turtle, can also assist players. It would be beneficial if you used all of your resources to get the most distance.

Salient Features Banana Kong Mod

Fascinating Levels

Banana Kong is full of amazing hidden perils. For example, you must navigate large stones strewn across monkeys’ paths, as well as deadly toothy crocodiles, voracious piranhas, and even lava.

Animals for Riding

With the help of a boar or a toucan, the main character can overcome the most difficult hurdles. In this situation, boar helps you to go quickly and cover large distances in a short amount of time.

Face Off Against Your Friends

You can play Banana Kong by yourself or with a group of pals. Simply invite them and allow them to share responsibility for the game’s events. Furthermore, there is complete integration with the original Game Services program, allowing for the most practical and competent assessment of friends’ outcomes during gameplay implementation.

Sound And Graphics

Despite the fact that Banana Kong is an eight-year-old project, the graphics are of high quality. We have nothing negative to say about the sound. It’s mediocre and doesn’t really stick out.

Various Power-Ups

The game introduces special powers for players to improve and use in order to let them have more activities and progress further. You can now utilize the magnet to suck bananas, the nice parachutes to fly further, or get extra life to increase your chances of running.

Numerous Decorative Objects

Banana Kong not only has dull power improvements, but it also has a lot of aesthetic stuff. For example, the store has hundreds of one-of-a-kind hats in a variety of styles, including a pot, a cowboy hat, and a crocodile. You can also vary the style of your parachute to make it more stunning.

Ranks and Missions

Many unique quests are available to players throughout the game. You can either complete them or bypass them to locate a task faster. You can earn a variety of rewards based on how many tasks you complete. As a result, participants’ names will appear higher on the leaderboard.

What’s New In Banana Kong?

  • Cloud-based storage
  • Support for high-definition displays 
  • Full Game Services integration 
  • Animals to ride
  • One thumb controls everything.
  • It takes ten seconds from start to finish to play the game.
Banana Kong Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

In Banana Kong, how can I get to the treetop level?

While swinging on the rope, you must strengthen the dash. You can only bounce (and glide) between trees once you’re up there. So you’ll need to enhance gliding time and the giraffe’s ability to stay up there as long as possible (with your bananas).

What is the best way for me to complete the task “grab 60 bananas in a single game harming object”?

It’s ideal for nearly 500 dashes.

What is the best technique to get away from a crocodile? To finish the mission?

If you tap the gorilla swim-up repeatedly, then let go for a second or two, he will swim up and down.

Additional Info:

App NameBanana Kong
Mod InfoUnlimited Bananas/Hearts
Latest Version1.9.7.21
PublisherFDG Entertainment
Size67 MB

Download & Install Banana Kong on Android

Steps for Android

  1. Get your Banana Kong Mod from our website.
  2. It may take a short amount of time (a few minutes) to complete.
  3. Double-click the downloaded file to access the device settings menu.
  4. To get this game on your smartphone, you’ll need to make a few changes now.
  5. Allow the installation of software from unidentified sources.
  6. The steps are then repeated.

Steps for PC or Laptop

  • Type Bluestacks into any search engine you’re using to download it.
  • After you’ve downloaded Bluestacks, install it on your computer.
  • When the installation is complete, double-click the Bluestacks icon to launch it.
  • Go to the top of the Bluestacks app store and search for “Banana Kong Apk.”
  • Select the install tab and wait a few minutes for the Bluestacks emulator to download and install the app on your computer.
  • Now navigate to My Apps in Bluestacks.
  • The “Banana Kong” icon can be found there.
  • Start playing the game by pressing the game icon.


Despite the fact that Banana Kong Mod Apk Android is an ancient game, it is not ethically out of date. You may have fun with your entire family. The distinctive atmosphere created by the project creators will appeal to both adults and youngsters. You can also relax and organize worthwhile leisure while listening to beautifully designed graphics and intriguing and distinctive musical accompaniment.

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