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Area F2 Mod Apk is a fantastic first-person shooter. At the moment, this game is Call of Duty’s most serious rival. Rainbow Six Siege Mobile has also been proposed. However, the game has been formally launched as a test in some nations and locations. Players in various countries, including Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, India, the Philippines, Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Ukraine, and Mexico, are enjoying it. Additionally, Area F2 was available for download on Android and iOS platforms. Although some countries are still not supported, gamers can still download using the outlined techniques.

Download Area F2 Apk Description

The most realistic first-person shooter gameplay was used to develop Area F2 APK (FPS). However, the gaming experience is distinct from that of other games in the genre. The melee game is the focus of the game. As a result, there are no remote sniper strategies in the game. Players in Area F2 APK are split into two camps, one offensive, and one defensive. Players can choose from various characters, each with their special abilities.

It enables players to take a different strategy than their opponents to demolish practically anything from the roof to the wall and create circumstances for themselves. This will catch the game off guard. Home defenders are attacked unexpectedly, resulting in more intense clashes than ever before.

Over 20 elite agents in the game, each modeled on real-life special forces. You have the option of installing a machine gun for shooting or destroying the walls with explosive bolts as an agent. Also, You can also set mines at strategic spots to defeat many foes. You must devise a strategy based on your weapons, skills, and battle abilities.

Area F2 APK is well-known for its control mechanism in the FPS game genre. The scroll button is still present in the lower-left area of the screen. The firing button with other skills is located in the right corner. If you enjoy first-person shooters, you won’t have much time to learn about the game’s limitations.

Area F2 Global Launch Features:


Choose from over 20 elite agents, all of whom are based on real-life special forces. Set a machine gun to lay down suppressing fire, crossbow bolts to damage fortifications, or trip mines at probable access sites. Each agent has its gadget, which allows for a wide range of tactical combinations and interactions.


Consider three sides, each with a realistic and different environment. Attackers can break barriers to create entry points in this fully destructible environment, while defenders can fortify doors and windows to thwart attacks.


To know thy enemy, you can use drones to locate the target or block the signal of your adversary to avoid detection. Winning the information war is half the battle won.


Attack from above by climbing the walls, or attack from below by breaking the roof.

What’s New In F2 Area?

  • A new opening trailer has been added
  • Three new agent bundles with discounts have been added
  • On the matching screen, a new agent appearance has been added
  • In the lobby, there are now channels for world discussion
  • Added the ability to pick a region before logging in


  • The world’s first 5v5 CQB FPS mobile game
  • Select players from a pool of more than 20 agents.
  • A wide variety of unique weapons and gadgets
  • Various tactical interactions and combinations.


  • Drone controls can’t be changed

Area F2 Apk Frequently Asked Questions

F2 was created by who?, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd., built Area F2.

Is F2 a closed area?

On May 20, the Area F2 team announced the game’s closure on its website, claiming that it was “making required modifications to Area F2 to provide a better experience to gamers.”

Steps for Installing Area F2 Apk For Android

  • Get your Area F2 Apk from our website.
  • It could take a few minutes to finish.
  • Go to the mobile settings option by clicking on the downloaded file.
  • To get this game on your smartphone, you’ll need to make a few changes
  • Allow installation of the app from unknown sources.
  • The steps are rather straightforward, similar to other installation procedures.


Area F2 is a fantastic game that can be played on Android and iOS devices. Quokka Games’ developers are working hard to ensure that the game is available in all major nations. Currently, the game is only available in a few regions. However, with time and fame, it will grow in popularity worldwide. According to Area F2 Games’ Twitter account, the game will be officially published on April 30, 2020, worldwide. So you’ll have to wait till then, and you’ll be able to play the game without any additional challenges.

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